"I tried everything." - Laura Motchalov

"I came to De Novo Pittsburgh hoping for a miracle." - Beth Shutt

"To a man they told me that Dr. Klueber was the best ART practitioner that had worked with the team over the past few years." - Ben Wells, Forwards Coach, Middlebury College Rugby Team

"I feel ten years younger!" - Terry Piazza

"I thought I might have to give up running." - Joan Jenkins

"In four visits my leg had loosened up completely." - Linda Maus

"They encourage you to maintain your normal fitness routine." - Kathleen Salerno

"You got me into treatment right away and gave me great advice." - Louis D'Angelo

Ben Roethlisberger
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for making me feel 100%!" - Ben Roethlisberger
Ben Lovejoy
"Dr Brad, Thanks for all your help. You are the best, Go Pens!" - Ben Lovejoy, #6 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Matt Cullen
"Brad, Thanks for all the great work!" - Matt Cullen, #7 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Chris Kunitz
"To Dr. Brad, Thank you for all your help!" Chris Kunitz, #14 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Michael Zigomanis
"Dr. Klueber, Thanks for your great help and advice! Your pal" -Michael Zigomanis, #15 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Matt Cooke
"Brad, Thanks for finding the time to keep me moving! Thanks for everything!" Matt Cooke, #24 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Marc-André Fleury
"To Brad, Thank you for helping me feel good, All my best!" - Marc-André Fleury, #29 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Carl Hagelin
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for keeping me 100%" Carl Hagelin, #62 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Patric Hornqvist
"Dr. Brad, Thanks! You are the best!!!" Patric Hornqvist, #72 of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Isaiah Williams
"To Dr. Brad, Thanks for everything" - Isaiah Williams, #84 of the University of Maryland
Bryant McFadden
"Dr Brad does great work." Bryant McFadden, #20 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Rashard Mendenhall
"Dr. Brad, I appreciate the work my man!" Rashard Mendenhall, #34 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Anthony Madison
"To: Dr. Brad, Great work & God bless!!" Anthony Madison, #37 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Troy Polamalu
"To Dr. Brad Thank you for all the help in keeping me healthy!" Troy Polamalu, #43 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Craig Bingham
"Dr. Brad, The man with the healing hands...Thank You!" Craig Bingham, #54 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Sean Lee
"Doc Klueber, Thanks for all your help keeping me healthy!" Sean Lee, #50 of the Dallas Cowboys
Paul Posluszny
"Dr. Klueber, Thank you for keeping me healthy and ready to play" Paul Posluszny of the Buffalo Bills
Chris Hoke
"To Dr. Brad, Thanks for Everything!" Chris Hoke, #76 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Heath Miller
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for keeping me feeling good!" Heath Miller, #83 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Antonio Brown
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for everything." Antonio Brown, #84 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Hines Ward
"To Dr. Brad, Thanks for the help." Hines Ward, #86 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Greg Warren
"Thanks for fixing my back!" Greg Warren, #60 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
James Harrison
"To Doc Brad, Thanks for Everything!" James Harrison, #92 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Casey Hampton
"To Brad, Thanks for everything", Casey Hampton, #98 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Ryan Clark
"To Doc Brad, Thanks for all the work in keeping me right on Sundays", Ryan Clark, #25 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Shamarko Thomas
"Dr. Brad, Thank you for keeping me healthy & my body feels great every time I see you. God bless you & thank you again." - Shamarko Thomas
Kelvin Beachum
"Doc Brad, Thanks for keeping me healthy, be blessed", Kelvin Beachum, #68 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Maurkice Pouncey
"To Doc Brad, Thanks for everything", Maurkice Pouncey, #53 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Marcus Gilbert
"To Dr. Brad, Thanks for the dedicated time and hard work to improve my skill on the field...Best Wishes" - Marcus Gilbert, #77 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Jerricho Cotchery
"To Dr. Brad, Thanks for the good Work!!!", Jerricho Cotchery, #89 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Stephon Tuitt
"To Doc, Thanks for everything!", Stephon Tuitt, #91 of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Dion Lewis
"Thank you for making my legs feel good." - Dion Lewis, #28 of the Pitt Panthers
Dom DeCicco
"To Brad, Thanks for all the help, best wishes!" - Dom DeCicco, #31 of the Pitt Panthers
Jon Baldwin
"To Brad, Thanks for keeping me feeling good!" - Jon Baldwin, #82 of the Pitt Panthers
Devin Street
"Brad, Thanks for all the help this year, it means a lot" - Devin Street, #15 of the Pitt Panthers
Hubie Graham
"Thanks for your help, Hail Pitt" - Hubie Graham, #83 of the Pitt Panthers
Jarred Holley
"Brad, Thanks for your help" - Jarred Holley, #18 of the Pitt Panthers
Michael Shanahan
"Brad, Thanks for all your help this year" - Michael Shanahan, #87 of the Pitt Panthers
Ray Graham
"Brad, Thanks for all your help and support!!" - Ray Graham, #1 of the Pitt Panthers
Nicholas Grigsby
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for all your help!" - Nicholas Grigsby, #3 of the Pitt Panthers
Nate Peterman
"Thanks for all your help!" - Nate Peterman, #4 of the Pitt Panthers
Chad Voytik
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for all you have done." - Chad Voytik, #16 of the Pitt Panthers
Professional Bodybuilders
"Thanks for keeping me flexible." - Mick, Professional bodybuilder

"Thanks for keeping me limber." - Mackanzie, Professional bodybuilder
Troy Smith
"Doc, I wouldn't have made it on stage without you!" - Troy Smith
"Thank you Dr.Brad, I wouldn't have done it without your help!" - Glenn
Bruce Jenkins
"Thanks Dr. Brad! I wouldn't have made it this far without you. I really appreciate everything that you've done to help me." - Bruce Jenkins
Kevin Orie
"Brad, Thanks for helping me through a tough time. All my best!" - Kevin Orie, Former Major League Baseball Player
Dr. Ken Katz
"Thanks for everything! I'll keep movin!" - Dr. Ken Katz
Joni Carone
"Thank you for getting my back and shoulder in shape for the competition!" - Joni Carone
Dave Hoffman
"I would, and do, recommend Dr. Brad to anyone who has pain that they just can't seem to alleviate, thanks Dr. Brad" - Dave Hoffman, 40 Under 40 Honoree
Bob Claghorn
"Dr. Klueber: I am your patient, Bob Claghorn, who suffered from shoulder problems at the construction site. Your adjustments solved my problem in only three treatments! Now, I can get back to work without that nagging pain! Thanks - Feels So Good" - Bob Claghorn
Jeffrey Turner
"Dr. Brad, Thanks for keeping me in shape" - Jeffrey Turner, Principal Bass The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Laura Motchalov
"A few years ago, I developed problems with both of my elbows and my right knee. As a professional violinist and an avid outdoorsy person, this was very devastating to me. I tried everything from acupuncture, massage, stretching, chiropractors, etc. and although these things helped, I never really felt like I was getting much better, until I started going to De Novo and began receiving regular ART sessions. I immediately began to feel a difference and am finally back to living the active life I was living before the injuries happened! I send all my friends to De Novo! Thanks guys!!"

-Laura Motchalov, Violinist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Beth Shutt
"I came to De Novo Pittsburgh Chiropractic and Health hoping for a miracle - that they might actually be able to keep my body healthy and pain free despite the 20 hours of triathlon (swim/bike/run) training that I do each week. Not an easy task but so far so good!
Originally Dr. Cohen treated my iliotibial band pain with active release therapy (ART). And once he successfully nursed that injury back to good health, I continued to see him for a chronic hamstring issue that has bothered me for the past six years. Dr. Cohen has worked diligently on the hamstring and surrounding muscles to the point where I have been able to run pain free, and all without having to alter my training or racing schedule.
Beyond the excellent treatment results I've received at De Novo, I've truly appreciated working with doctors who understand and care about my success as an athlete. Their facility is top-notch. Scheduling appointments is easy and can be done online. And most importantly, I trust and value the advice and treatment I've received at De Novo. I highly recommend them to any athlete looking to get healthy and stay healthy to compete at their best."

-Beth Shutt, Triathlete
Kamden Hoffmann
"Oh yes, Dr Brad has helped me stay active and injury free." -Kamden Hoffmann, PhD Student, USAT Level I Coach, Personal Trainer
Melissa Deah
I have always had poor circulation in my hands and feet making them cold and at times go numb. About a year ago I noticed two of my toes on my left foot started to become purple, itchy, and painful after standing for a length of time. This was frustrating for me being a massage therapist and a yoga/Pilates instructor which requires me to be on my feet most of the day. I tried foot soaks, massaging my own foot, multiple doctors including my primary care physician, a foot specialist, and an endocrinologist but none of them could help my condition.

I tried Dr. Brad and he worked on a muscle area behind my knee that none of the other doctors ever suggested. He found my left calf muscle was extremely tight which was blocking blood flow to my toes. Within five sessions of Active Release Technique the toes on my left foot were healed. I continue to get treatment from Dr. Brad because I find that my overall circulation is better because of ART. It has helped me perform my job in comfort and pain free!

-Melissa A. Deah, Massage Therapist
Bobby Standish
"Dr. K,

So I always look up at the photos on your walls, and think, 'wow, these cats are serious.' You need a jester on that wall of knights of your's... I want Troy Polamalu to walk into your office and ask, 'Who is that bad ass?'

I just wanted to thank you for helping me continue to accept and overcome new physical challenges since it has been two years when doctors initially told me that I would live with the pain and wouldn't compete again. At that point, I had hoped to simply run a mile. After a hiatus of recovery and rehab, I completed my first half ironman since 2009. As I blithered at the Savageman finish line last week, 'I am not broken!' I have resumed training and I am enjoying the training and conditioning I thought I might never experience again. Although I may not qualify for any world championships, I can continue to set an example for my kids so I hope they never think of me as their 'old' man. Thanks for teaching me how to listen to my body and keeping me moving!"


Bobby Standish Robert J. Standish, JD, CFP

Vice President, Financial Planning
Middlebury College Rugby Team
My name is Ben Wells and I am a coach with the Middlebury College Rugby Club. Several years ago we began working with ART providers to help our athletes recover from the intense physical contact inherent in the game of rugby. We found that a good ART professional was able to give our athletes an incomparable level of recovery and pain relief.

We were recently in Pittsburgh to participate in the USA Rugby Division II National Championships where we played 2 games in 2 days. This is extremely grueling on the players, but we were lucky enough to have Dr. Brad Klueber of De Novo Pittsburgh Chiropractic and Health provide ART and Chiropractic treatment the night after the first game.

Dr. Klueber came to our hotel and provided over 2 hours of intense work on nearly 20 athletes. To a man they told me that Dr. Klueber was the best ART practitioner that had worked with the team over the past few years. He treated the team for practically everything you can imagine: necks, shoulders, elbows, backs, hips, knees, feet, etc. He talked through each and every nagging ache on each and every athlete and then provided whatever was needed to right the myriad of physical wrongs. Obviously this type of treatment requires that the practitioner be extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, patient, and experienced with dealing with all of the thousands of possible scenarios for the human body. Dr. Klueber was all of these things, and we were very lucky to have found him.

We feel so strongly about the benefits of ART that we have petitioned our Athletic Director to hire one for the training room. As I have said we have worked with numerous different ART providers over the past few years, all of whom have been excellent, but Dr. Klueber was the best.


Ben Wells
Forwards Coach
Middlebury College
Michelle Bothon
Prior to moving to Pittsburgh in July of 2012 I started looking for a chiropractor, but not just any chiropractor, one that specializes in Active Release Therapy. *ART is most commonly used to treat conditions related to adhesions or scar tissue in overused muscles. As adhesions build up, muscles become shorter and weaker, the motion of muscles and joints are altered, and nerves can be compressed. As a result, tissues suffer from decreased blood supply, pain, and poor mobility.

As someone who has a pervious back and neck injuries and also competes as a Natural Bodybuilder and Physique competitor, finding the right person(s) to keep your body functioning at peak performance is as important as finding the right mechanic to keep your vehicle preforming at its peak performance.

Dr. Brad Klueber at DeNovo Chiropractic and Health has met those needs to the fullest extent. During my contest prep there wasn't a visit that went by that I didn't walk through that door with a new ache. Dr. Brad takes the time to work on the issue at hand and gives you stretching exercises to add to your regular routine. What impresses me the most is that he takes care of the scheduling and calls himself along with the help from his father, Bruce.

Dr. Brad also honored me with a sponsorship for my 2013 competitions which took place on Sept. 21st at OCB Steel City in Pittsburgh, Pa where I place first in Physique Open that qualified me to get invited to DFAC Worlds in Miami on Nov. 2nd and Oct. 19th in Towson, MD at OCB Charm City Classic.

There are people in your life that you just can't do without, having someone such as Dr. Brad with his full body knowledge and wealth of education is one of those persons.

-Michelle Bothon

Tracey Vescio
"Thank you Dr. Brad. I have been feeling so much better and continue to work on the stretching exercises you showed me. I was able to have a very enjoyable trip to Denver Colorado to visit with my daughter. I was even able to go hiking and see the most beautiful scenes of nature at its finest. None of which would have been possible without your help. Thanks again for helping me enjoy a PAIN FREE Vacation with my daughter. Warm Regards," - Tracey Vescio
Jennifer Cavanaugh
"Felt SO much better today. Didn't even feel it until mile 10- I had almost forgotten what it felt like to run without pain :-) Thank you so much! Will see you when we get back from vacation. Thank you!!!" - Jennifer Cavanaugh
Kate Webb
"Hi Dr. Brad! Just wanted to let you know that I've been pain free running ever since last Thursday! I was able to run 5 miles yesterday with no pain during or after the run. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me! Hopefully I can continue recovering like this! Thanks again," - Kate Webb
Brenda Omer
"Hi Brad Happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know since our last visit, whatever you did to my left foot, is amazing because I have not had not any tightness on the left side of my lower outside leg! You are amazing!!!! Will schedule soon if it tightens again, and my body feels like I am 25! Make it a GREAT weekend. LOVE what you do!" - Brenda Omer
"My personal experience at De Novo Chiropractic & Health has proven to be one of restored health. The relief from a non-mobile shoulder and painful neck is a direct result of knowledgeable and caring doctors. Trust was never an issue due to their open communication policy. They explained my diagnosis and treatment plan with an invitation to direct any further inquiries to either of them. When asked about my progress I simply stated, "I feel ten years younger!". I plan to schedule any future appointments that require chiropractic treatment exclusively with this office."

-Terry Piazza

"I am a running enthusiast and for the past 5 years, I have been plagued by lower back pain and knee and foot pain from overuse injuries that have severely hampered my running ability. I have been to orthopedic and sports medicine doctors and had many physical therapy sessions all with limited and short term success. I was starting to get depressed about my injuries and thinking that this was it, they weren't going to get any better than this. I thought I might have to give up running altogether.

"I attended a wellness seminar where I work and heard a presentation from Dr. Klueber and Dr. Cohen about the services they offer at De Novo Chiropractic where they practice ART - Active Release Techniques. It sounded promising and thought that I would make one last effort to address my constant pain. I scheduled a consultation and began treatment. They took the time at the beginning to carefully identify the problem areas and developed a plan from treatment of the injuries, as well as the many surrounding muscles and tissues. Through their treatment techniques they were able to improve my range of motion, reduce my pain and restore function and flexibility to those areas.

"In a little over 2 months they have me back to running consistently but more importantly pain free. Five months later, I completed a half marathon. I thought that my running days were over!

"I cannot thank Dr. Klueber and Dr. Cohen enough for genuinely caring about my well being, providing excellent care, offering their leadership, enthusiasm and encouragement and for giving me back the sport that I love."

-Joan Jenkins

"Dr. Cohen and Dr. Klueber have been dubbed my 'running angles,' and for good reason. A month into training for my first half marathon, I began to experience pain in my knee. My IT band was tightening up to the point that it was affecting my runs and stretching along wasn't helping. A good friend directed me to De Novo Chiropractic and within four treatments, my leg had loosened up completely. During the next several months leading up to the race, I continued to be impressed with their knowledge and professionalism during my weekly maintenance visits. Thanks to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Klueber, I had a great first half marathon experience and am confident that I'll be able to tackle my first full 26.2 healthy and smiling."

-Linda Maus

"De Novo is a pretty unusual chiropractic office, but also pretty awesome. Drs. Cohen and Klueber are the only staff in the office - you don't spend any time sitting in the waiting room, and all the time that you're in there is spent with the doctors. All the scheduling and billing stuff is done using a computer-based system. They are both chiropractors, and are trained in Active Release Techniques as well (this is a kind of soft-tissue work, which is really good for many painful conditions). They both have full-body certifications in ART, which is nice and not especially common in Pittsburgh. In terms of insurance, they seem to take a variety of plans. I'm on UPMC insurance, and the copay or whatever still isn't too pricey for me (and I'm a graduate students, so I'm not exactly rolling in dough). I've been going to De Novo for a couple weeks now because of knee pain, and Dr. Cohen has really helped out a lot. A typical treatment session lasts about 15-20 minutes, consisting mostly of ART (although I did get my back cracked once or twice). Although it's been really helpful for me, I wouldn't describe ART as 'painless' or 'pleasant', so 15 minutes is plenty of time. The first session last longer than that because they collect a pretty detailed personal history. They are also interested in your everyday activities, and they give you some exercises/stretches to do at home to help your condition. Overall, it's really great because you know how when you go to the doctor or chiropractor or whatever, you spend about an hour there and you only see the doctor for like 15 minutes? Here you only spend like 20 minutes in the office and you see the doctor the whole time.

The things I've liked the most about this place is the extent to which they encourage you to maintain your normal fitness routine - I've had previous doctors tell me to not do certain activities that I really enjoy and want to continue to do. De Novo seems a bit more interested in helping people continue to maintain their goals about fitness, so if you're trying to recover from a sports-related injury, or if you want to maintain an active lifestyle during treatment for whatever is ailing your, I would definitely recommend them.

"Additionally, both of the chiropractors are certified as personal trainers, and they offer personal training and nutritional consultation services. The Downtown location is convenient to a lot of difference places, too, and the hours are convenient for people who work."

-Kathleen Salerno

After years of distance running, I began to experience debilitating shin pain. For 15 months I exhausted all forms of "traditional" treatment, but was frustrated by my lack of improvement. A friend recommended Dr. Klueber, whom I now (only half) jokingly refer to as the Magic Man. I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical, but I noticed marked improvement after only a few Active Release Technique (ART) treatments. Three months ago, I was unable to run... now I am training for a spring marathon.

Whereas other doctors brushed me off and threatened surgery, Dr. Kluber really took the time to understand my injury and prescribe the best treatment (even if the best treatment didn't come from him). Dr. Klueber has also been highly respectful of my time. Instead of scheduling a multitude of appointments, we've worked together to maximize the time between treatments. I'm so happy with De Novo Chiropractic's accessible, mindful approach. I recommend De Novo and Dr. Klueber to all my friends and family!"

-Posted by Tanc01 on YP.com

"I started seeing Dr Klueber in his Pittsburgh office almost 11 months ago. At that point in time I was seeing him at the reccomendation of a co-worker because the arthritis in my knees had reached the point that I could only walk the shortest of distances on some days, and he had helped her with the same problem. The orthopedist was already talking about knee replacement surgery but was reluctant to do it because of my age - I was only 52 at the time. I could tell after only a few visits that the ART (Active Release Tecnique) was helping, but also knew that I was not going to get complete relief unless I lost some weight, which I had tried over and over again to do, with little, (and short lived), or no success. I only had to voice this concern to Brad, and he started working with me from a nutritional standpoint at that time. To date I have lost 78 lbs. I don't know where I would be without him - I am almost certain that I would have had to either have surgery or quit my job. Dr Klueber is the ultimate doctor - he truly cares for you as a whole person, not just whatever your particular problem is. He is always reachable - if he doesn't answer the phone it's because he's with a patient and they are receiving his undivided attention a that time - but it's never long before he responds to your message. I have been seeing chiropractors since I was 17 and no one has ever helped me like Brad has. As far as I am concerned no one could come more highly recommended.

-Posted by abn519 on YP.com