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Employee Presentation Topics
Job Ergonomics-Inform the employees on correct vs. incorrect postures at their desk. Exercises and stretches will be demonstrated by the instructor and performed by the participants. Hand-outs will be provided along with a magnetic clip so that the information can be hung at the work station.

What and How to Eat at Work-Inform the employees on the correct way to eat throughout the day. This includes showing various foods that most people think are healthy but in actuality are not. Hand-outs will be provided as well as mini lunch coolers as prizes.

Work-out Efficiently and Effectively-Inform the employees on how to get the most out of their work-out especially since time is of the essence. Hand-outs will be provided as well as physio-bands as prizes.

How to Boost Your Energy-Inform the employees on ways to improve their energy levels. Diet and work-out will be components as well as supplements, sleep patterns, and lstress relief. Hand-outs will be provided along with supplements as prizes.

Heart Health-Inform the employees on cardiovascular disease which will include how it is obtained and what can be done to prevent or treat it. Hand-outs will be provided along with gift certificates to heart healthy establishments (Dick's Sporting Goods, Health Food Store, etc.).

Diabetes-Inform the employees on the diabetic epidemic and why it is prevalent. Health issues related to diabetes will be discussed along with ways to prevent the disease. Hand-outs will be provided as well as various prizes related to the prevention of diabetes.

Stress Relieving Techniques-Inform the employees on various ways to "de-stress" both physically and mentally. Explain the physiology behind the stress mechanism and why the body reacts as it does. Hand-outs will be provided as well as stress balls and movie tickets as prizes.

The Right Supplement for the Right Reason-Inform the employees on the supplements that are available and which ones are worth their hype. Explain that not all supplements are for all people and that precautions should be taken. Hand-outs will be provided as well as the right supplement for the right people as prizes.

Presentation Overview

Purpose-Provide information to the employees that will enable them to improve their daily routine (including work). Solicitation is not the purpose; however our company name will be on all printed materials and most prizes.

Concept-Give the employee small amounts of information so that it can be absorbed and than utilized. For example, the Job Ergonomics presentation will only demonstrate exercises and stretches for 2 areas of the body totaling 5 maneuvers. The employees will then be able to perform these maneuvers over the next month without being frustrated due to lack of time or forgetting the exercise/stretch. The exercises/stretches demonstrated will be reviewed in the subsequent presentation and new maneuvers will be performed before the new health topic is presented.

Execution-Monthly presentations will be held for the employees on various health topics. There will be demonstrations and group participation. A packet will be handed out with space to take notes followed by informative articles that are related to the month's topic. There will be time to take and answer questions. Our contact information will be provided in the case of questions or concerns that may arise later in the month.

Result-Informed employees that can utilize the information presented and slowly develop a healthier and more energetic life style. This will result in a healthier and more satisfied workforce which will increase productivity.

  • Presented at various Pittsburgh companies such as Duquesne Light, American Lung Association, Arthritis Foundation, The Bank of New York Mellon, and Reed Smith.
  • Managed a "Biggest Loser Competition" at the office of Lifetime Care which employs over 600 people. The competition involved taking pre-competition and post-competition body compositions of all the participants and weekly presentations were given on various topics throughout the 3 month competition.
  • Treated athletes at various local races such as The Pittsburgh Marathon and IKEA Half Marathon.
References-Upon request

Presentation Logistics

Presentation Style-The presentations are set up as lectures however demonstrations and participation will be incorporated. For example, the Job Ergonomics presentation will end with demonstrated exercises/stretches and the group will be asked to participate. While one instructor is demonstrating the other will be making corrections in the participants form. The length will be 45 - 60 minutes.

Participants-25 - 50 is an ideal amount of participants due to the structure of the presentations. Having more than 50 participants would make the demonstration and participation aspects difficult and having less than 25 would turn the lecture into a group discussion. Multiple presentations in one day is a possibility in order to accommodate the appropriate size group.

Hand-Outs-A packet will be handed out prior to each presentation with space to take notes followed by informative articles that are related to the month's topic. The packets will be e-mailed as attachments a week before the presentation in order for duplicates to be prepared. The copies are expected to be of high quality and may include color. This is imperative because the information in the packets is of importance in relation to the lectures. If the packets are of poor quality the participants will not feel the need to read the information and may discard them.

Presentation Materials-The lecture will be performed through the use of PowerPoint. However, if a conference room containing the proper equipment is not available the lecture may be improvised. Other presenting materials will be dependent on the topic. For example, the What and How to Eat at Work presentation will include food that would be eaten in a typical day and various examples of poor choices. These and any other extra props will be provided by De Novo Pittsburgh.

Possible Costs-The goal is to have extra props and/or prizes for each presentation. De Novo Pittsburgh is prepared to cover the majority of these costs however a budget for presentations will enhance the employees' experience.